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Association of District Coordination Committees of Nepal (ADCCN) is an umbrella organisation of all 77 district coordination committees in Nepal. According to the constitution of Nepal, District Coordination Committee also the local level Government (Article 220) as Municipality and Rural Municipality within Federal system of three tire Government. Association of District Development Committees was established after the Multiparty democratic system started in 1990 in Nepal by the elected people representatives of 75 District Development Committees. Association was instrumental for the people centre development through the participatory approach. It was the pressure group for the strengthening local governance and advocated for the enactment of Local self Governance Act in 1995 in Nepal which was only functional service delivery mechanism for the government during armed conflict (Maoist insurgency between 1996-2006) in Nepal where all other government machinery were almost seized. Furthermore, Association remained only one active political entity for the public service delivery in subnational level when there was vacant of elected people representatives in local institution for about two decade after 1996 there no local level election until new federal Nepal's constitution promulgated in 2015. Present executive committees of the association are newly elected executives in District coordination Committees after the newly restructured governance system. At present, Nepal is Federal state of 3 tire Government i'e' federal level (central), 7 province, 77 districts and 753 Municipalities (Rural/Municipality).

There are 28 executive members in Central Committee elected by National Assembly in 2017 according to Statue of the associated which is renewed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Nepal aligning with the provisions of new constitution in last October 2018. Association of District Coordination Committees Nepal is involving for the assurance of people rights as they are the supreme power of the state as mentioned in constitution (2013 AD) and has assured democratic federal government system in Nepal.

What meant of the Association:

  • For the strengthening democratic local Government in line with the spirit of new constitution.
  • Elected representative in all 77 district are the member of Association of District Coordination Committees Nepal.
  • Association is committed for the strengthening local level governance and balance development of the districts, intergovernmental coordination and strengthening relation for the mutual benefit and resource sharing
  • ADCCN extending its hands to bring the fruits of democracy to the doorsteps of people by monitoring and coordinating overall developmental activities of the districts.
  • Exchange experiences and trust building for coordinative relationship between all local level Municipality/Rural Municipality, province and federal Government by activating all 77 District Coordination Committees of the country.